Who can be a Member of RPPA?

Any business, company, organization, club or group that is a paid member of another property rental-related industry association or group, including but not limited to AAOA, AVROA, VRMA, OPMA, CHPA, NAA, NARPM, NMHC, NTOA or others (including their local or state affiliates), is automatically qualified as complimentary, no-cost, RPPA member.  If you would like to know if a group you belong to qualifies, email us.

What does it cost to be an RPPA Member?

Membership is complimentary if your organization qualifies according to the above (prior) question: you must be a commercial provider in the property rental management industry.

May my tenants, guests or renters be RPPA Members?

While your tenants, renters, guests, customers, clients or group members may indirectly benefit from your membership and participation with the RPPA, they would not be qualified to be Members of the RPPA.

Who founded the RPPA?

The RPPA was founded by a group of rental property management professionals from the East and West coasts, and the Mountain West. With over one hundred years of combined experience in the field, we saw a real need for property managers to work together to control their own destiny in competition with large suppliers and distributors that are squeezing their revenues and profits.

Without membership fees, how does the RPPA covers its operating costs?

The RPPA, with its affiliates, is a world-wide, across all segments, not-for-profit service association for the benefit of its members. The RPPA cultivates and curates multiple non-exclusive relationships with potential vendors and suppliers to the property rentals management marketplace: with cost advantage and service benefits for RPPA Members being the key criteria. The RPPA earns market-standard referral, intellectual property royalty, and affiliate fees from those relationships to cover its costs: which are primarily member services, program development, affiliate administration, and website support.