Three Reasons for the RPPA

The Rental Property Protection Association (RPPA) provides best-practices, knowledge, and buying-power to providers of rentable property. If you rent-out homes, condos, cabins or other lodging, recreational vehicles, recreational equipment, or other property, the RPPA is made for you.

There are three reasons the RPPA was created.

First, Purchasing Power: a community of many common-interest buyers will get better prices and better service than any single organization member. Common buying power is a decisive competitive advantage.

Second, to be an online platform to share best practices and great ideas on improving operations, revenues and profits.

Finally, to be a centralized knowledge resource for rental owners and managers in all property segments to get, and give, useful information to protect their property assets and organizations.

The RPPA, with its affiliates, is a world-wide, across all segments, not-for-profit service association for the benefit of its members.

No matter your organization's size, if your business, company, organization, club or group is a member of another related industry association… such as AAOA, AVROA, VRMA, OPMA, CHPA, NAA, NARPM, NMHC, NTOA or others, you automatically qualify for complimentary, no-cost, RPPA membership.

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